About Us

The structure of holding company "Almiral" started to form in early 90th. 1992 was the year when the company was founded. It's well known that the strongest can survive under market conditions. The company's founders have dealer's eye and the real ability to build business-strategy. Firstly the company was oriented to wholesalers' production and manufactured goods' trade, sales outlet's organization, markets, car repair, security activities and tourist business.

Interesting 90th made from a little company big holding corporation with well-developed infrastructure and 500-workers staff. At that time the basic principles of business process were laid, the principles that were the pivot, that allowed "Almiral" to work well in Russian and foreign markets. This unique, united and strong team has high expertise level, analytical mind and knows the Russian market's features. Holding company's distinctive features are business transparency and stainless business reputation in commercial interests.

The company's history is about 20 years old, but it continues to grow. Each company ingressed in holding sets on the top. What's more each of them focuses on the work in their own market segment that helps to save and possess unique experience and add innovation technique in business. So that each company can pretend on industry leadership what we can confirm with the results.

Nowadays holding company concentrate its work on the following directions:
  • Creating, management and service of shopping/business centers;
  • Security and detective agencies;
  • Providing with full complex of warehouse services on its own area;
  • Wholesale alcohol trade;
  • Textile and light industry import;
  • Fertilizing and other production export.
Our aim is equal in rights, mutually beneficial and long-term business.

119571 Moscow, Vernadskogo avenu, 86 «B», build. 1
Phone: +7 (495) 788-93-52, 788-93-54
E-mail: almiral@mail.ru
WWW: www.almiralholding.ru